Commercial Displays and Video Walls

There are many Commercial Displays to choose from and our job is to match the type of Display to your requirement. Unlike a Domestic TV designed to be switched on for 4 hours per day, most Commercial Displays are designed to be on for 16 or 24 hours per day.

A Commercial Display can be as much as 8 times as bright as a Domestic TV, so again, our Job is to match the Size, Brightness and hours of usage to your requirements.

A Video Wall or Display Wall can be for a Control Room, Training Room, Hall, Airport, Train Station or Corporate Meeting Rooms. Any number of smaller LED panels can connect together to display one large image. The Bezel or edge of each panel is usually kept as thin as possible so as not to disrupt the displayed large image. Indoor, Outdoor, Size and Brightness are all factors to consider when considering a Video Wall for your requirements.

For more information on Commercial Displays and Video Walls please call us on 9429 4333

Let Us Know Your AV Needs

Let Us Know Your AV Needs

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