Interactive Panels

Bring creativity and collaboration into your Office or Classroom with an Interactive panel.

An interactive panel can be a stand-alone unit for more Dynamic Presentations or lesson delivery and Student collaboration with or without the need for an attached computer.

Search the web, display images, and create instant writing prompts to engage your learners. Some of the Leading Interactive Panels that we distribute even have access to App stores where you can download apps for use in the Office or Classroom.
You can also mirror your Tablet or mobile Device to the panel to show a video in an Office, Classroom or Assembly environment. The functionality is almost endless.

At Concept AV, we don’t just sell you a panel. We want your staff to get the best use from the product, and to do so our dedicated trainer will come out and Train the Users on their new Device. For Remote Areas, this is arranged through Video Conferencing with the Software of your choice.

For more information on Interactive Panels please call us on 9429 4333

Let Us Know Your AV Needs

Let Us Know Your AV Needs

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