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Amana Living, a leading aged care provider, partnered with Concept AV to equip their Subiaco Offices and Kinross Aged Care Facility with discrete and functional audiovisual (AV) systems. Concept AV worked on a design and construction basis, ensuring the AV systems met the organization’s unique needs while seamlessly blending with the overall design fit-out.

Understanding the Client’s Needs

Through detailed discussions with Amana Living, Concept AV gained insights into the organization’s specific requirements. The AV systems were designed to support bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios for presentations and Teams conferencing.

“You guys are good, even when we’re not exactly organized as we should be. With building works at the time and staff not being available at times to instruct and guide during the Installation Process, you took it all in your stride and re-arranged your installation timetable and got the Job done – and it’s great, everything works as it should.”
Neil Mullaly – Head of ICT Business Services

Meeting Room Solutions

Various room types, including 4-6 person meeting rooms and two types of boardroom designs, required AV upgrades. In each meeting room, Concept AV combined video conferencing peripherals with a wireless conferencing system, enabling end users to connect their devices wirelessly for presentations and conferencing. This eliminated cable clutter on the tables and facilitated easy transfer of AV system control between users.

Front of House Solution

For major staff gatherings, Concept AV installed a Front of House solution featuring dual 75-inch screens with a webcam camera mounted above. Wireless presentation technology provided flexibility and convenience for presentations.

Project Management and Co-ordination

Concept AV successfully managed the AV fit-out during a busy construction program. Their expert team ensured the installation aligned with the construction schedule, minimizing disruptions and delivering the project on time.

Unique Solutions for AV System Design

Amana Living’s room designs required unique AV solutions. The main boardroom, for instance, incorporated ceiling speakers for high-quality audio without compromising the room’s aesthetics. Concept AV seamlessly integrated the speakers, showcasing their commitment to meeting client requirements while maintaining design integrity.

Benefits and Outcomes

The collaboration between Amana Living and Concept AV resulted in discreet and functional AV systems that seamlessly blended with the design fit-out. BYOD capabilities in meeting rooms enhanced collaboration and productivity. Wireless conferencing systems eliminated cable clutter, preserving a clean environment. The Front of House solution created an impressive presentation centre. Wireless presentation technology throughout the AV installation enabled flexibility and ease of use.

Concept AV’s meticulous project management ensured a smooth installation process, meeting deadlines and exceeding client expectations.


The partnership between Amana Living and Concept AV delivered discrete and functional AV systems that met the organization’s unique needs. The seamless integration of BYOD capabilities, video conferencing peripherals, and wireless presentation technology enhanced collaboration and communication within the facilities. Concept AV’s expertise in design and construction, along with their attention to detail, resulted in a successful AV installation that seamlessly blended with the overall design fit-out.

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