Christ Church Grammar School

Christ Church Grammar School


The strong foundation of knowledge which drove deep into the everyday requirements and gaps in the current system allowed the school to rely on Concept AV to deliver a very detailed but hard to define scope, something that can only be achieved with a strong and trusted relationship.

The Chapel was to receive a major upgrade which necessitated the audio visual system to be provide able to cater to the new modern needs of the space. The chapel required advanced automation for everyday use and needed levels of advanced control for small scale live staging events that were to feature in the new space. Audio clarity was a key need for the space, particularly for excellent speech reproduction.


The solution now allows every single use of the space to not only be heavily automated for ease of access but also for the space to be recorded and shared via network to the greater school community. Concept AV currently provides ongoing support to the space through remote access capabilities,  meaning that we can respond in real time to user needs and continued upgrades.  Access is provided through a secure connection and we provide onsite review of the system and its use to ensure it is always meeting the latest demands of its users.


Concept AV worked with both the school, architect and builder including all sub trades (electrical, lighting.) The installation was technically challenging, a requirement for audio reproduction in the space that was sensitive to intrusion of equipment meant that Concept AV used detailed technical modelling software, with enhanced audio models provided by acoustic engineers to ensure that the system would be guaranteed to perform but also ensure that any AV requirement  was put in with the least possible impact.


oncept AV was involved in the design process from the early stages.  Working closely with the school to develop the solution around their needs and working in with the requirements of the renovation with the architects and electrical consultants. Concept AV worked in closely with the school and its appointed professional services provides.  Working to ensure the key driver for the AV components was not only met but exceeded upon the original vision.  The system delivered has worked to enhance the use of the space and truly help students and staff connect in ways that was not possible before.

Understanding at the foundation level the clients use and needs of the space, through a detailed and trusted relationship was key to the success of this project, especially in an architecturally sensitive building.  Concept AV was trusted to design and deliver this advanced audio visual system to take the space into the future.

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